Specifically, Venturi Scrubber surface has been undergoing extreme chemical corrosion which lead to extreme metal loss in the form of cavities and a through and through hole got developed at one such place on the surface. The corrosive gases being scrubbed with water jets causing chemical sludge deposition over surface that has accelerated a high degree of chemical reaction with metal surface. It was decided for external cladding in many places for strengthening. Internal surface was taken up for metal reclamation and chemical protection with ProCoat engineered polymer coating systems.

The surface inside was blast cleaned twice using copper slag abrasive medium to remove thick corrosion deposits followed up with detergent cleaning & hydro jet water washing. Once the surface was dried up, blast cleaning for the third time was carried out using chilled iron grit to Sa 3 Swedish Standards. Pictures on the left bottom half reveal heavy pitting and cavities over the surface which imply upon the loss of shell metal thickness.

Over the prepared surface, the cavities & pitting were filled with ProCoat Repair & Reclamation Products after which direct application of ProCoat Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Coating System was carried out by roller application. The coating deposited over the surface was checked for complete and firm adhesion to the desired thickness which was measured using Elcometer Wet Film Gauge.

Once the coating was cured, Dry Film Thickness was measured using DFT Elcometer Gauge & Holiday Spark Testing was performed to ensure flawless coating application. Proper planning, quality workmanship & safe work methods followed have resulted in performance of the coating applied over the internal surface of this scrubber vessel to resist the severe degree of abrasive & corrosive operational working conditions prevailing inside.