This huge clarifier mechanism is intended for the purpose of clarification of sludge coming from scrubbers in a steel industry. The rack arms being continuously immersed in the hot and corrosive liquid which gets drained from the scrubbers has lead to the severe degree of corrosion and abrasion over the structural clarifier mechanism. On draining out the entire clarifier tank the rack arms were found with heavy deposits of sludge simultaneously inducing corrosion all over them.

In order to remove the sludge deposits from the surface, a high pressure water jet cleaning was carried out, followed up with copper slag blast cleaning for preparing the surface prior to the application of coating. Blast cleaning was done ensuring an average surface roughness of 75+ microns, near white metal finish to Ss 2.5 Swedish Standards.

Over the prepared surface, direct application of ProCoat Coating System was carried out using synthetic rollers. The coating deposited over the surface was checked for complete and firm adhesion to the desired thickness which was measured using various Wet Film & Dry Film Gauges followed up with Spark Testing to enhance coating integrity.

Proper planning, quality workmanship & implementation of safe work methods have resulted in performance of the coating applied over this clarifier mechanism to resist the severe degree of abrasive & corrosive immersion conditions since almost three years now.