Structural I Beams, horizontal channels inside slab caster are under continuous exposure to high temperature i.e., 150°C steam contaminated with casting chemical leading to high degree of corrosion of metal and getting deteriorated in the form of thick rust layers, which is causing reduction of metal thickness. Galvanizing, aluminizing or even high temperature aluminium painting methods have yielded any desired results in terms of protection. ProCoat quality surface cleaning system and application of chemical, temperature and corrosion resistant coating system was adopted based on the coating performance which is safeguarding several plant equipments.

After first round of copper slag blast cleaning to Sa 2 surface finish, all vertical and horizontal channels are scrubbed with detergent to remove the chemical contamination and further rinsed with fresh water jet to ensure contamination freeness of structures surface. After surface was dry, carried out with second round of copper slag blasting to achieve Sa 2.5 i.e., near white metal finish with an average surface profile of 85+ microns to attain exceptional mechanical interlocking, polar-polar adhesion and chemical bonding of ProCoat advanced chemical and abrasion resistant polymer coating system.

Throughout the coating application works, the various quality checks were carried out in order to ensure flawlessness. Deposition of coating was examined using WFT Elcometer Gauge to ensure the thickness levels meet the desired recommendation, upon curing the coating thickness was verified using DFT Elcometer Gauge. Holiday Spark Testing was performed on either side of the casing to identify coating application errors and ensure rigid coating integrity.