ProCoat Specialities Pvt. Ltd. with an honest endeavour in providing the latest and best cost beneficial solutions for your industry offers excellent products backed by our efficient services in the fields of refurbishment and specialized protective coatings. Our product range can be broadly classified based on their general application as:

  • Advanced Polymer NOVOLAC coatings for long term abrasion & corrosion protection.
  • Ceramics for abrasion resistance and Metal Filled polymers for refurbishment & rebuilding of important sub-assemblies.

It is practically impossible to mention all applications. Hence, mentioning a few applications of our refurbishment and specialized protective coatings to give an idea, the following data could be useful:

  • Abrasion caused by dry or wet particulate media on static lines such as pipe line bends, pumps etc.
  • Abrasion caused by matter fines or particulate media on dynamic parts such as ID or FD fan, shafts and pump impellers etc.
  • Abrasion in Chutes, Hoppers, Bunkers, Casings, Liner plates etc.
  • Repair & refurbish pumps & valves, Pipe bends handling, slurry, ash, coal, etc.
  • Repair and reclamation of worn out or eroded, pitted, corroded sub-assemblies and large equipments.
  • Long term protection from moderate or severe corrosion due to sea water, acids, alkalis, gases, fertilizers and many corrosive chemicals in any industry segment – External or Internal.
  • Coating of tanks and scrubbers internally and externally.
  • Preventive maintenance of new sub-assemblies or large equipments.
  • Instant stoppage of transformer oil leaks.
  • Corrosion or abrasion resistance to damaged or new concrete flooring or structures.
  • Long term corrosion resistance to pipelines, structures and any super structure- external and internal.
  • Repair and protection of heat exchanger, condenser, tube sheet, water box, screens, housing, gutter, canal, penstock, dam gates, potable water, thickeners, secondary containment areas, bund area, ship deck, hull, ballast tank etc.

The above is only to give an idea of types of applications and areas. ProCoat Specialties Pvt. Ltd. has qualified, experienced and the best available manpower in the business who are vibrant and always ready to analyze your problem correctly and solve it to your full satisfaction. We are a breed apart in this business, and you can rely on us. We put in lots of efforts to make our team more competitive and updated with new developments. We believe in the mode of supply and execution through contracts, which may also be time bound jobs- small or large. Our well trained expert team of applicators are well equipped to execute on site jobs.

Rest the products and our outstanding services will speak.