External surface of these solution circulating pumps and it’s valves are experiencing mild corrosion as these are coming contact with fumes of chemicals emanated from the nearby process vessels and presence of moisture in the atmosphere. On an account of the prevailing corrosion, loss of metal is seen between the mating parts of these pumping components which is leading to leakage of solution being pumped.

Copper slag blasting was initially done to remove the loose rust particles, followed up with detergent cleaning in order to neutralize the surface from adsorbed contaminants. Once the surface was dried up, second round of copper slag blasting was carried out to achieve the desired surface roughness essential for the application of coating.

Coating was applied all over the prepared surface using nylon rollers and brushes to the recommended thickness. Deposition of essential thickness was cross- checked using the Elcometer WFT Gauge.

Once the coating was cured, Dry Film Thickness was measured to make sure the applied coating had been developed to the same as to the Wet Film Coating Thickness.