These newly fabricated mild steel pump base frames were to be placed inside the foundations of pumps which would be handling solutions of various concentrations. To safeguard these structural frames from the adverse effect of corrosion, as a preventive measure they were applied with ProCoat Coatings to offer resistance to corrosion beneath the submerged concrete bed.
Prior to application of coating, the frames were blast cleaned using copper slag medium to attain the desired surface roughness that corresponds to Sa 2.5 Swedish Standards with an average surface roughness of 75+ microns.

Over the prepared surface application of coating was carried out using nylon rollers and tynex bristle brushes. Initially a high hand pressure wetting coat was given followed by low hand pressure thickness deposition coats to the recommended thickness levels. At the corners, intricate portions coating work was carried out with brush application. The thickness of coating being deposited over the surface was measures using the WFT Elcometer gauge during the application works. On curing the dry film thickness was measured using DFT Elcometer Gauge & Holiday Spark Testing performed to ensure flawlessness.

The pumps have been commissioned in the year 2012 immediately after the completion of coating works. And since then there has been no sign of corrosion observed over any of the visible skeletal structure of these base frames.