These mid steel structures of the Preheater in a cement industry are experiencing severe degree of corrosion due to the chemical exposure conditions of the cement plant and also getting accelerated with the saline working environmental conditions. Though these structures have been regularly painted with conventional paints, yet the rate of corrosion phenomena is thick and faster. The adjacent images reveal the condition of mild steel surface adversely affected in the corrosion bound operating zone.

Looking at the past experience & proven performance of ProCoat coating systems, this cement unit has decided to get these structures also to be protected against the corrosion formation. Uncompromising to the quality application standards, team ProCoat has carried out contamination removal using water washing & surface preparation by means of copper slag blasting to Sa 2.5 surface profile, cross-checking the surface to ensure contamination free from any kind of salt precipitates.

Upon attaining the desired surface roughness , application of ProCoat coating system was carried out to the desired thickness levels as per the requirement. The thickness being deposited on the surface was examined using Elcometer WFT Gauge. Once the coating was cured the dry film thickness was measured using the Elcometer DFT Gauge.

Holiday Spark Testing was carried out on the entire surface of the applied coating system to make sure a flawlessness coating application & also to ensure complete coating integrity. Over and top of the ProCoat coating a blue colour weather resistant colour coding system was applied as per the customers need.

A tailor made scaffolding system was arranged to access all parts of these structural equipments which are mounted up to a height of 50 meters above ground level in a phased manner.