Corrosive sludge from gas scrubbers which contains chemical traces, abrasive particles along with temperature is causing severe degree of chemical corrosion to these gas ducts having an 8mm shell thickness leading to punctures within a span of 2-3 years resulting to forced shutdowns of equipment for replacement of ducts. Internal surface is undergoing abrasion, localized corrosion and uniform reduction of metal has been taking place as they are continuously under duty operations.

Looking at the past experience & proven performance of ProCoat coating systems, this steel manufacturing industry has decided to get these pipeline internals to be protected against devastating corrosion-abrasion-erosion. During the overhauling period these pipelines were demounted and made available in multiple pieces. Team ProCoat has carried out the surface preparation by means of copper slag blasting & hydro-jetting cleaning. Later the surface was blast cleaned again using chilled iron grit to Sa 2.5 surface profile using Elcometer Profile Gauge &, cross-checking the surface to ensure contamination free from any kind of salt precipitates.

Upon attaining the desired surface roughness, application of ProCoat coating system was carried out to the desired thickness levels as per the requirement. The thickness being deposited on the surface was examined using Elcometer WFT Gauge. Once the coating was cured the dry film thickness was measured using the Elcometer DFT Gauge.

Holiday Spark Testing was carried out on the entire surface of the applied coating system to make sure a flawlessness coating application & also to ensure complete coating integrity.

Pipelines of various lengths were coated following the above stringent procedure. On completion of the coating works these pipeline pieces were erected at their respective sites and welded together. On a stretch about 2 kilometre length of pipelines have been coated using ProCoat coating systems to offer durable protection to the metal surface falling prey to corrosion and punctures.

Chemical Corrosion Protection Of Pipeline Internal

Exposure Conditions: Hot Sulphur chemical solution along with abrasive particles causing erosion, corrosion and punctures

Seawater Induced Corrosion / Abrasion Protection Of Pipelines

Exposure Conditions: Seawater (Cooling Water) with suspended silt

Corrosion / Abrasion Protection Of Raw Water Handling Pipelines

Exposure Conditions: Raw Water with suspended silt

Abrasion / Corrosion Protection Of Pipe-bends

Exposure Conditions : Abrasive Slurry, Gaseous Slurry, Seawater / Raw Water