This Chimney was to be replaced in view of reduction in metal thickness due to continuous reaction with acidic hot and wet steam alongside suspended abrasive particles released during the quenching of red hot iron slag.

Abrasive blast cleaning using copper slag as a medium was carried out to remove the rust scales and corrosion deposits. Repeating the blast cleaning for another time, on this occasion using chilled iron grit as the abrasive media to achieve the desired surface roughness over the surface. To access the entire internal surface, a tailor- made scaffolding system was arranged for ease of carrying out application works.

On preparing the surface using the entire surface was blown up with compressed air to make sure the surface is free from dust settlements. Application of coating was carried out using nylon rollers, intermittently checking up the wet film thickness of the coating using Elcometer WFT Gauge.

Dry film thickness was measured using the DFT Gauge followed up with Holiday Spark Testing to verify complete coating integrity.