These cooling water pipelines running through harsh corrosive exposure conditions such as steam, water spills and chemical fumes in caster area is undergoing extreme chemical corrosion leading to severe metal loss. Repeated conventional painting methods have not been able to yield satisfactory results of protection.

After first round of copper slag blast cleaning to Sa2 standard, all vertical and horizontal channels are scrubbed with detergent to remove the chemical contamination and further rinsed with fresh water jet to ensure contamination freeness of structures surface. After surface got dry, aging second round of copper slag blasting was carried out to achieve Sa2.5 i.e., near white metal finish with an average surface profile of 85 microns.

Over this prepared surface, ProCoat chemical and corrosion resistant coating system was applied with heavy hand pressure to attain exceptional mechanical interlocking, polar-polar adhesion and chemical bonding of ProCoat system and followed with low pressure hand application with synthetic roller to build the recommended thickness on pipeline surface.

Carried out quality checks like wet film thickness during application, dry film thickness after curing, coating integrity check with Elcometers and ensured flawlessness.