Back Wash Filter of Billet Caster internal surface is undergoing extreme corrosion along with localized pitting due to continuous immersion in raw water with chemical contamination. Formed rust thus has been clogging the filter vents leading to poor filtering efficiency.

After first round of copper slag blast cleaning to Sa 2 standard, entire internal surface was scrubbed with detergent to remove the chemical contamination and further rinsed with fresh water jet to ensure contamination freeness of back wash filter internal surface.

After surface was dried up, second round of chilled iron grit blasting was carried out to achieve Sa3 i.e., white metal finish with an average surface profile of 125 microns to attain exceptional mechanical interlocking, polar-polar adhesion and chemical bonding of ProCoat advanced chemical and abrasion resistant polymer coating system.

With thorough hand pressure, initial wetting coat of ProCoat was applied followed by thickness build up coats with tynex bristle brush and synthetic roller over internal surface of back wash filter and allowed for full curing.

Quality checks like wet film thickness checks during application, dry film thickness after curing, coating integrity check with Elcometers were performed to ensure flawlessness in work.

After a continuous operation of 6 months, back wash filter was opened and water washed for inspection of applied ProCoat coating. Excellent condition without any sign of corrosion and no change in surface texture is noticed, which indicates absolute protection being offered by ProCoat.