In power plants, vertical circulating water pumps internal surface is subjected to corrosion, abrasion & cavitation due to continuous operation and always in contact of cooling medium i.e., seawater / raw water along with suspended silt. At the same time, being continuously immersed in water, external surface of pump undergo severe corrosion. Vertical pump’s column pipes, bell mouth, bowl & impellers being protected with ProCoat advanced polymer systems which increase the life of pump as well as enhances the efficiency and outflow.

Prior to reclamation & protection work, all parts of pump both internal and external surface prepared to Swedish standard of Sa2.5, i.e., near white metal finish along with surface profile of 75 µ i.e., surface roughness after ensuring contamination freeness to ensure polar-polar adhesion, chemical adhesion and mechanical interlocking of ProCoat systems with the metal.

Over thoroughly prepared surface, ProCoat polymer repair system is used to reclaim the pitting, cavities to obtain an acceptable profile. This repair cures to a tough, machinable, cavitation resistant deposit and will prevent further propagation pitting and deterioration of metal.

After reclamation of deteriorations over pump parts, both internal and external surface of bell mouth, column pipes, casing are coated with ProCoat, 100% solids, high performance Novolac polymer coating system designed to offer abrasion, corrosion protection. Coated surface becomes extremely smooth, low friction which reduces the contact time of water with coating and increases flow rate by reducing the frictional losses and hence increases the pump efficiency along with long term protection.