This huge ship unloader structure which is stationed at the tip of the sea has great exposure to saline humid conditions of the Arabian Sea. Along with the salty atmospheric conditions, they get soaked in the cement dust which is the main intended raw material that gets unloaded at this location all round the year.
The combined effect of the saline working conditions & alkaline cement dust has been the crucial factor, inducing severe degree of corrosion over the mild steel surface of this gigantic ship unloader structure.

Abiding to all the necessary working permits & safety norms inline with the competent authority, applicators team of ProCoat has executed surface preparation of the metal surface by means of copper slag blasting to near white metal finish, ensuring the desired surface roughness & by also implementing the quality checks to establish a contamination free surface.

On preparing the metal substrate the surface was applied with ProCoat Advanced Polymer Coating System using necessary tools and tackles. To complete this enormous task, the work was carried out in phased manner with proper planning following safe work methods.

Various quality checks were performed all throughout the surface preparation & application works to ensure essential coating performance. Checks such as presence of salts & other contaminants over the metal surface, wet film coating thickness checks during the application, dry film coating thickness checks after curing were followed. Holiday Spark Testing was carried out over the coated surface to ensure complete coating integrity.

As per the duty-bound requirements & to maintain the colour-coding system of the substrate surface over & top of the ProCoat coated surface a yellow colour coding weather resistant coating was applied.

Structures of the ship unloader after being coated with colour coding system.

Final view of the ship unloader under the protection of ProCoat Coating System.