This slurry coming out of the scrubber is meant to reach the thickener via this screw conveyor pathway. The slurry medium being corrosive in nature has resulted in corroding the vanes, shaft of the screw along with corroding the screw supporting housing structure. To enhance the life of this equipment ProCoat was the primarily chosen coating material as it not only reduces the corrosion & abrasion effect, but also being smooth in finish does not allow the slurry medium to stick to the surface thereby helps in efficiency improvisation of the operating system.

On dismantling the parts separately, ProCoat team has carried out the surface preparation using blast cleaning method initially & checked for the presence of adsorbed salts, and thereupon relevant methods were incorporated for removing the contamination by means of detergent cleaning, neutralizing the surface with thorough water jetting cleaning and carrying out second round of blast cleaning to ensure a rough, contamination free surface to the desired surface profile.

Over the prepared surface, application of ProCoat Coating System was carried out using synthetic rollers to the desired thickness levels.

The coating deposited over the surface was checked for complete and firm adhesion to the desired thickness which was measured using Elcometer Wet Film & Dry Film Gauges followed up with Holiday Spark Testing to enhance proper coating integrity.