The water being stored in this concrete chamber is likely to be soft water which is utilized for various other plant operations. There is an ion-exchange process taking place between the water and the concrete surface of this storage tank, which is leading to change in ppm levels of the water. In order to maintain the desired ppm levels of water, isolation of the medium from concrete surface electrically and physically is necessary.

Looking at the past experience & proven performance of ProCoat coating systems, this steel manufacturing industry has decided to get essential protection to the concrete surfaces using ProCoat Coating System. During the overhauling the tank was emptied to get it coated. Team ProCoat has carried out the surface preparation by means of copper slag blasting & hydro- jetting cleaning. The surface was thoroughly scrubbed to foaming, water washed &, cross-checked to ensure contamination freeness from any kind of salt precipitates.
A plastic-sheet test method was performed to make sure the surface prepared is free from moisture prior to application of protective coating.

Upon attaining the desired surface roughness, application of ProCoat coating system was carried out to the desired thickness levels as per the requirement. The thickness being deposited on the surface was examined using Elcometer WFT Gauge.

Few of the critical applications carried out on concrete equipments, floors and structures which have been under the protection of ProCoat Coatings offering protection to spills, immersion, shock-resistant, acidic spillage conditions, etc..