High Performance Moisture Insensitive Polymer Metal Rebuilding Compound Designed For Emergency Repairs In Oil, Water, Alkali and Inorganic Acid Environment

Product Profile

ProCoat – 2011 is solvent free, 100% solids, two component, moisture insensitive polymer adhesive repair and rebuilding compound designed as an emergency repair or bonding    material for metals, glass, concrete or wood. ProCoat – 2011 sets in 5 minutes and can be put back in service within 1 hour regardless of temperature. ProCoat – 2011 demonstrates good resistance in a wide variety of chemical environments and has heat resistance to 230ºC. ProCoat – 2011 is an easy to use 1:1 mix ratio and can be applied overhead or vertically. Packaged in two tubes of resin and hardener. Squeeze equal portions on a non-porous surface and mix thoroughly. It cures to a tough metal deposit which can be machined, ground or sanded. ProCoat – 2011 shows a unique property to bond on oily or moist surfaces, which facilitates arresting of oil or water leakages on-line with relevant techniques.

Unique Features

  • 100% solids
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • Nil Shrinkage
  • Hydrophobic nature makes it insensitive to moisture
  • Can be machined, drilled or sanded
  • Superior wetability
  • Excellent slump resistance enables vertical application
  • Superior chemical and corrosion resistance

Recommended Few Applications

  • Transformer Oil Leakages
  • Leakages of Radiators, Bushings & Flanges
  • Pipeline Leakages
  • Repair Burst Pipelines
  • Arresting Gas Leakages
  • Bonding Dissimilar Metals
  • Arresting Leakages In Vacuum Lines & Ducts